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The Next Wave in the Mobile Gaming App Industry 2019

  • Mobile app development has given an enormous shift to the world and is continuing to do so in the years to come. Mobile has become a part and parcel of life, a basic need to get all the task done.

    With the evolution of new and interesting technologies, mobile gaming apps are generating huge revenue and bringing prosperity in the coming future to the customers.

    Here in this article, we have explained all the mobile gaming development trends that will continue to prosper in the coming years.


    • The trend of hyper-casual games will increase:

    Hyper-casual games are the one that is mainly for mobile game app developers. It consists of a simple mechanism and is lightweight games. These mobile apps are very engaging and having minimalistic UI such as games like sky ball, word creation etc. Thus, the hyper-casual gaming trend will continue to emerge in 2019 and in the coming years.


    • Instant apps are getting popular across the globe:

    Instant apps were released in 2016 but at that time it's was not a big hit but now in 2019, these are getting existence. These are basically native mobile apps that don't require any installation.
    Thus, making it's easy for customers to play without using phone memory which makes them faster and engaging to the user. Instant apps such as Supercell, Hotpads, MZ, NY times etc are becoming famous in the market.


    • AI-based mobile gaming apps: 

    Artificial intelligence based gaming mobile apps are also getting popularity in 2019. Developers are using top AI algorithms to develop games for customers. Games like FEAR, stockfish etc where there is only one shooter and other ones are AI based cloned soldiers playing with you. 
    AI-based actors have the ability to react realistically to the sounds and lights. Furthermore, developers are using AI-based audio recordings to voice their current state.


    • AR Will continue to grow in 2019:

    AR is emerging and is evolving with new advancements in the gaming industry. This is the major reason why more developers are jumping onto AR. In the gaming market, there are coming advance features and tools like Apple’s AR Kit etc that will make easier for the developers to develop innovative games.



    Mobile gaming apps still have a long path to proceed ahead with the latest technologies. Developers are utilizing advanced gaming technologies to develop innovative apps for gaming enthusiasts.