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Are Game Like PUBG a Threat to the Society

  • Every year, one mobile game manages to surpass all the others in terms of engaging players. This one game hooks so many players that government authorities have to step in and ban it to save lives. When such games start getting popular, the majority of the people start raising fingers at the developers who developed the game and publishers who launched it.


    However, the real question that we should ask ourselves is “do we really need to blame the developers for something that’s due to our addiction, something that we cannot control?” If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might be familiar with the craze of PUBG among players. The game actually transformed the scenario for mobile game development and ended up getting banned from several countries.


    Studies have also suggested that people ended up losing their lives due to the addiction of PUBG. So, who should we blame for such terrifying incidents, the developers or the people who have no control over their addiction?


    If you ask this question to matured people, they’re most likely to blame the players who were addicted, which is true indeed. You can’t blame someone for doing their job just because your child is addicted to enjoying a virtual world Game Like PUBG a Threat to the Society.


    No one can blame the mobile game developers who developed the game because they were sincerely doing their job. In fact, many developers dream to build games which become a great hit in the market. So, there’s no point in blaming the developers or banning the game.


    We must understand that banning the game is not the solution. This won’t stop skilled game developers to build such games and launch them in the market. In fact, banning can cause serious psychological issues for players. At any cost, banning the game should not be considered as a permanent solution.


    Rather kids should be taught to go outside and get human interaction. Technology has set a leash on kids and that’s why they are happy living in a virtual world. However, with a little motivation, they’re most likely to leave this virtual life and get out to explore the real world.


    Playing games is an important part of life as it improves certain skills of the person. However, like everything else, becoming an addict posses a threat to a person’s life. So, one should never become addicted to playing games.