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Bitmain Antminer z9 mini Designed To Mine Zcash

  • Antminer Z9 is the ASIC mining product from Bitmain that is designed to mine the coins that use an equihash algorithm such as Zcash. Zcash is basically decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency which is designed to offer users complete privacy in transactions.


    When it comes to the functionality of most popular miner i.e. Bitmain Antminer z9 mini, it has excellent properties according to the price. It uses an Equihash based algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 10 KSol/s while consuming only 300W of power consumption.


    Some of the famous cryptocurrencies that use Equihash are ZCash, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, ZenCash, Hush, etc. it is the first hardware for these coins.


    Coming towards the configuration of Antminer Z9 mini, so let me tell you it is very easy to set up and configure like another Antminers Litecoin mining ASICetc. as it just takes approximately 10 minutes of yours.


    You just need to first remove Z9 mini and also need to buy PSU as it will not come with PSU. locate your Z9 mini and PSU in a stable location, plugins all the power code and cables. It will start immediately and will start mining Zcash.


    When compared to GPUs, the Z9 mini seems to be more efficient as well as cost-effective as it offers 13 times more hash power at a price range of $363.00 without PSU. it is proven to be a game changer in the cryptocurrency mining world.



    The comparison between mining hardware and GPU is never ending as you will get mixed reviews of miners. Thus, miners are using Bitmain Miners for mining Zcash, as Antminer Z9 mini is specially designed for miners who are not professionals and only want to mine coins as a hobby as well as are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on mining hardware.

    Thus, if you are looking for Z9 mini you can visit as you can find this at an affordable price and you can also find other related hardware and choose according to your requirement.