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Audemars Piguet Replica 26587TI.OO.D067CA.01

  • Dial width 58.7mm*52.3mm, dial thickness 14.5mm, dial diameter over 45mm, dial shape round, case bottom cover is not transparent, strap color black, special function shockproof, buy replicas watch waterproof 200 meters, wear occasion sports, price range 3000-5000.

    Around the world, time is at your fingertips. The cutting-edge swiss continues to innovate: the sturdy and sophisticated Timemaster Chronograph Day Date chronograph. The design of this watch combines dynamic and elegant styles. It has a variety of display functions, and the layout is clear and easy to read. It is also appetizing. With the waterproof function of 100 meters, there is no fear in the world. A companion on the wrist that can be trusted for any occasion. The shape is just right, the core must be solid, and the C.771 fully automatic gives the dual calendar chronograph a powerful heart. The screw-in crown is water resistant up to 100 meters and the LumiNova super-sensitive material is modern. Combining ergonomic elements, the coin pattern on the wrist-lined bezel, with an onion-shaped crown, is the classic of swiss . The time, hands and scales on the dial and outer ring are treated with Super-LimiNova luminous coating and can still be clearly displayed in the dark. The sapphire transparent blue is at the bottom, and the beauty of the rhythm of the movement is unobstructed. The bezel is available in stainless steel and DLC-like carbon-coated black steel.
    Speed, speed and success depend on the momentary motor sport and is one of the inspirations of the Timemaster Chronograph Day Date. The three windows in the dial are like the instrument of the car, and a superb wristwatch represents the spirit of the brave racing spirit. The Timemaster Chronograph Day Date is inspired by the car and combines chronograph functions with a number of sophisticated features such as a dual calendar window, adding a completely new sense of technology to the bremont kingsman brand.

    The origin of motorsport has been more than 100 years old. In today's motorsports, in addition to the speeding cars, the eyes of the audience are also the colors of the cars. These beautiful colors are traced back to 1900, one country The nominal entry of the Gordon Bennett Cup is held in Europe. In order to indicate the country of the car, the organizing committee assigned a color to each country. This color system was finally established in the Grand Prix motor racing from the 1920s to 1930s, which was the predecessor of Formula One F1. France is divided into blue, Belgium is yellow, German is white, American is red, and Britain is green.
    Brilliant colors are the hallmark of racing, and it is often said to be a new inspiration in the field of watches. From classic black and white brown to rose gold and fashionable bright colors, major brands have also devoted a lot of effort to the study of color models. swiss Ruibao's pursuit of precision machinery and aesthetics naturally studies the color of the watch.

    The black beauty is the main color of the swiss Timemaster Chronograph Day Date: the DLC diamond-coated carbon-coated case with Super-LumiNova luminous coating time scale and hands highlights the easy-to-read readability of the carbon-colored luminous coating pointer. The stainless steel case is contrasted with a black dial and white coated hands. The red gold case and the crown with a black dial are also impressive.
    In addition to the above black system, the Timemaster Chronograph Day Date also has a red and vibrant bremont watches red watch with a black case with a red dial and white-coated hands for an extraordinary visual feast.

    18 Open red gold.
    Case size: Ø44 mm, thickness 15.30 mm
    Movement: C.771 fully automatic
    Diameter: Ø30 mm (13 1/4’’’)
    Thickness: 7.90 mm
    Gems: 25
    Balance wheel: 3 arms Glucydur balance wheel
    Hairspring: Nivarox I
    Fine tuning: eccentric cam tuning
    Earthquake protection: Incabloc shock protection
    Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
    Power reserve: about 46 hours
    Retouch: hollow oscillating weight with Geneva stripe grinding, ball bearing, polished pallet fork, escape wheel, pearl pattern grinding machine board, black parts

    Silicone strap replica swiss watches can also be regarded as a better watch sold by the watch industry, which is also because it has many advantages, such as cost-effective, wear-resistant, light and convenient. And there are some silicone strap watches that also have some health care features. Next, I will introduce you to the price of the silicone strap watch. The silicone strap watch is recommended.
    I believe that most of my friends and Xiaobian used the electronic watch with the silicone strap when they were young. The watch can be said to be our first impression of the watch. When we grow up, we start to pay attention to various mechanical automatic watches. In fact, mechanical watches also have a lot of deficiencies, such as watches are too heavy and inconvenient, we act or are not so wear-resistant, loss-proof, unlike silicone strap watch, light and convenient to do anything anytime, anywhere. And the silicone strap watch is not very expensive, it is the best wearing watch for sports and travel.