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Make Out Hot Air Stenter Setting Machine Clearly


    The Hot Air Stenter setting machine is widely used setting equipment in production. According to various types of stenter, it can be divided into clip stenter setting, needle plate stenter setting and needle and clip stenter setting. Domestic M751 stenter, Germany BABCOCK setting machine, MONFORTS stenter setting machines are commonly used. The setting temperature and fabric width can be adjusted freely to make the setting effect satisfactory.

    The shape of the hot air stenter setting machine and the hot air stenter are basically the same, and only the heating system requirements are different. The hot air stenter setting machine is a high temperature machine, which is different from the hot air stenter. It is of great importance to make out hot air stenter setting machine clearly, otherwise will be difficult to adjust the amplitude and the deformation of the cloth edge during operation will occur. Therefore, such equipment should be designed in consideration of the deformation of the fabric during high-temperature operation, the expansion of the guide rail, the high amplitude of the amplitude modulation screw, the adaptability of the temperature work, the thermal expansion of the blower equipment, the main shaft, and the temperature resistance of the lubrication of the machine parts.

    The hot air temperature is often between 150 ℃and 230 ℃ required to be uniform with fluctuation within the range of ±3C. In addition to the steam in the preheating zone, the hot air stenter setting machine needs to be equipped with heating devices such as electric appliances, gas or hot-loaded oil to make the temperature reach requirement, and also uses a heating device such as a gas infrared lamp or a heat carrier oil boiler. Heat carrier oil boilers generally use heavy oil or diesel, and the heat carrier often uses diphenyl/diphenyl ether mixtures.

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