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Super Szczesny dominates the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

  • New appointment with the FIFA 19Ultimate Team of the Week Team, certainly the most popular mode of the package proposed by Electronic Arts in its FIFA 19. The penalty saved to the poor Higuain (88) in Milan Juve earned Szczesny (87) a fabulous black card: better him or Handanovic (88) for a whole Serie A team? To find out, all that remains is to vivisect the Week 9th Team (module 3-4-2-1): 1.300.000 credits are enough to complete it in the PS4 / Xbox One versions and 1.500.000 credits in that PC. The captain of the team is a Spanish legend that has for some time been in the Premier League: a certain David Silva (90). Juventus Szczesny goalkeeper (87) is a human wall and shows excellent timing in cross-country output: it is better than Handanovič in both the basic (88) and the blue Champions (89) versions. For 60,000 credits you buy the best goalkeeper of the Serie A available in FUT.


    The defensive trio has some interesting solutions: Robertson (84), Rami (84) and Hector (82) are three very good players with different characteristics and ratings. The Scottish Klopp proves a valuable outside even if it has an excessive evaluation: 100,000 credits are too many. The ex-Milanist Rami leaped to the news for the love story with Pamela Anderson and for the World Cup won by the French cockerels is playing great in Marseille coached by Rudi Garcia. With 23,000 credits, you acquire a highly-equipped and physically skilled center for man-marking. Also outside the Colony Hector is an interesting player, especially for the extreme versatility: he can play left and right regardless and be used as a midfielder in front of the defense. It costs relatively little, around 13,000 credits.


    The median offers profusion quality thanks to phenomena such as Marco Reus (87) and David Silva (90). The champion of Borussia Dortmund travels on star ratings: about 470,000 credits for a crystalline talent capable of scoring, dribbling and passing like few others. The only doubt concerns his innate physical fragility: he injured a little too often. Silva is a master of dribbling and a fantastic playmaker: like all the jewels of the City costs a lot, over 110,000 credits. Rounding out the frontwheel drive midfield are the Ghanaian Thomas (84) and our El Shaarawy (84). The granitic Thomas has bewitched with his proverbial recoveries the Cholo Simeone who placed it in the heart of his Atletico Madrid. Approximately 35,000 credits are needed to buy it. The Pharaoh in the new black paper teases the imagination of the FUT coaches with his speed and five-star skills, as well as a super cheap price (24,000 credits).


    Leading the attack is Edinson Cavani (90), supported by two pure sprinters like Memphis Depay (85) and Alassane Plea (83). The Uruguayan ex-Naples is a force of nature and in the air game is relentless. His rating is quite high (190,000 credits) and to those figures it is possible to find even faster and more devastating attackers. The Dutch Depay of Lyon is the classic beast from FUT 19: simply unstoppable! It costs a lot (about 130,000 credits) but offers supersonic speed and is relentless in the penalty area. Are you looking for Cheap FIFA 19 Points Account? you can check out our website