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Portable Coarse & Fine Crushing Plant

  • Portable crusher plant is a new type of sand and stone equipment which can move flexibly and process all kinds of ores. The equipment is flexible in configuration and has strong performance in complete sets. Portable crusher plant can be easily moved when it is used, without fixed concrete foundation, it can be put into operation quickly, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce cost and expenditure. Energy saving, high efficiency, low energy consumption and green production are very popular mining equipment at present. Portable crusher can be used for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, according to different production needs, equipped with different equipment.

    1. Portable Coarse Crushing Plant

    Coarse crushing production line is mainly equipped with jaw crusher, outstanding performance: large feed, large discharge particle size, uniform particle size, large crushing ratio, product models have hundreds of options, simple structure, stable operation, low operating cost.

    2. Portable Medium Fine Crushing Plant

    Coarse crushing production line is mainly equipped with impact crusher. Outstanding performance: After crushing, the finished materials have full grain shape, good shape, good wear resistance of vulnerable parts, long service life, breaking edge length less than 500 mm, compressive strength less than 350 MPa of all kinds of coarse and fine hard materials with less iron content.

    3. Portable Fine Crushing Plant

    Fine crushing production line is mainly equipped with cone crusher. Outstanding performance: No need for primary and secondary crushing, can be formed at one time, saving investment costs, long service life of vulnerable parts, high output, small size of discharged materials.