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The investment prospect of sand making machine is broad

  • Sand making machine is an irreplaceable equipment in mining and construction industries. Its use expands the scope of ore use and protects the exploitation of natural sand. The machine-made sand produced by sand making machine has become a better substitute for natural sand. It has many superior properties than natural sand, such as: larger surface area ratio than natural sand; higher strength of concrete prepared with machine-made sand; machine-made sand particle size can be selected according to demand, and the particle size is uniform. In addition, manufactured sand is also conducive to the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, which not only solves environmental problems but also improves the utilization rate of natural resources.

    Sand making machine gradually opens up the market with the following advantages, and the investment prospects become broad.

    1. Large throughput

    The design of deep cavity rotor used in sand making machine has a large throughput, which can ensure the output.

    2. Easy maintenance

    Hydraulic capping device used in sand making machine is easy to maintain and repair.

    3. High crushing rate

    The stone breaking chamber used in sand making machine makes the breaking efficiency higher.

    4. Strong controllability

    The thin oil lubrication used in sand making machine can provide a larger speed range.

    5. Complementarity of Double Oil Pumps

    Sand making machine uses double oil pumps to supply oil, and stops automatically when there is no oil flow and no oil pressure.