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portable crusher plant with convenient operation

  • The new portable crusher plant is an environmentally friendly and high performance mobile crushing station. It can be divided into crawler type portable crusher plant and tyre type portable crusher plant according to two driving modes. The body of portable crusher plant is integrated and has strong maneuverability. The traditional piling, capital construction and complex installation procedures are not required. It can be directly opened to the stone yard for operation without site restriction and large production capacity. The work here can be completed. Move to the other side at any time, and your efficiency is beyond your imagination.

    Low operating cost

    A. Because it is a complete crushing production line, reasonable and compact combination and high intelligent control can reduce staff.

    B. There is no need to transport stones from stone factories, which saves money.

    C. No piling, capital construction and installation are required, and the use cycle and cost are saved.

    D. Energy saving, high efficiency and long service life.

    E. Flexible combination, one-time production of multi-specification finished products, full use of raw materials.

    Environmentally friendly portable stone crusher with convenient operation

    1. Because of its fluidity, the secondary pollution caused by transporting raw materials from stone factories to crushing stations is avoided.

    2. Because of its unique structure, the whole crushing process can be sealed and broken to control dust pollution from the source.

    3. It can be assisted with dust removal and noise reduction, and spraying device can further control pollution.