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Working Technology of Raymond Mill in Powder Industry

  • Raymond mill is a kind of equipment widely used in mine development and grinding. Raymond Mill plays an important role in practical application. Raymond mill is mainly composed of main engine, analyzer, fan, finished cyclone separator, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, Raymond grinding machine is composed of frame, intake volute, shovel cutter, grinding roll, grinding ring and cover.

    Raymond mill is a new type of mill developed to process powder instead of ball mill. All kinds of technical indicators have reached the advanced level in China and are highly praised by users in various industries. Raymond mill adopts the advanced structure of similar products abroad and is updated and improved on the basis of large Raymond mill. Raymond mill is a new type of energy-saving large, medium and small-sized Raymond mill developed independently. It is guided by modern design means and advanced grinding theory. The grinding roll is designed at both ends of the center line of the plum blossom rack, so that the grinding roll device is in a natural equilibrium state. The main machine works fairly smoothly and the vibration is very small.

    The main reason why the output of the new energy-saving Raymond mill is higher than that of the ordinary three-roll Raymond mill is that the space occupied by the grinding roll in the working chamber of the main machine of Raymond mill is small and the working space reserved is larger, and the high-pressure wind energy of the blower can enter more working area, so that the grinded fine powder has more opportunities to be quickly taken out of the main machine and entered the cyclone collector, thus avoiding repeated and invalid grinding of the superfine powder. That's it. The new type of energy-saving Raymond mill has only two rollers, and its working load is lower. It saves 25% electricity than the ordinary three-roll Raymond mill with the same specifications, and its output is 20% higher than that of the three-roll Raymond mill with the same specifications.