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Strictly control the working flow of Raymond mill

  • Raymond mill is widely used in many fields, such as mines, cement factories, chemical factories and so on, because of its advantages of high fineness standard, stable performance, wide application range and high cost performance. It is an important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. Therefore, the economic prospects of investing in Raymond mill equipment are very considerable!

    Raymond mill will have a variety of potential safety hazards in use. Users must strictly implement various production safety requirements in order to make it run healthily in the long run, and also ensure the service life of equipment and the safety of workers.

    In the production of Raymond mill, we must pay attention to the use instructions and operation instructions, and strictly follow the safety operation guidelines and other documents to carry out each production process. This aspect of work is very important for prolonging the service life of the mill and ensuring efficient and smooth production.

    In addition to the guidance of the above safety operation documents, Raymond mill users should also focus on the following safety precautions, hoping to benefit the safety production of ultra-fine mill users.

    1. Before the start-up of Raymond mill, the "no-load operation" of the mill should be guaranteed first.

    2. Before starting, check whether the door is closed firmly or not. Otherwise, the high-speed rotating material flying out of the door will cause great potential safety hazards, and pay attention to the anti-clockwise rotation of the door.

    3. The general grinding workflow is the sequence of start-up, trial-run, feeding, conveying and discharging.

    4. Before feeding the mill, it is necessary to determine again whether the feeding size meets the requirements, and at the same time ensure uniform feeding speed to ensure efficient production.

    5. Check the fastening condition of the fasteners of the mill and production line, and fasten the bolts in time if they are loose.

    6. Attention should also be paid to ensuring the balance of the mill. Once unbalanced, it will easily cause vibration in production and serious wear and tear of equipment components.

    7. Ensure that all lubricating parts are well lubricated. Good lubrication is the umbrella for the normal operation of the machine.