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How to reduce the cost of stone production line?

  • In order to reduce the cost of the stone production line, in fact, reduce the production cost of mineral processing equipment, stone production line with a reasonable. For example, we should choose the appropriate Stone Crusher when crushing stone. For hard stone, we will first do crusher jaw crusher, and then use other crusher broken; to facilitate crushing, small particles, low-emission requirements of the stone, we can choose hammer crusher; the yield and grain Diameter of the high requirements, we can choose crusher impact crusher; stone hardness, but no product requirements, we can choose crusher for crushing and so on. According to the different requirements of customers, we can choose different crusher equipment, and then with a reasonable transport, screening equipment, very good cost-cutting equipment.

    Production site layout is reasonable. For different broken site, be sure to carry out detailed planning, the only way we can make equipment with more reasonable. In the stairway, for example, we can reduce the transportation equipment configuration according to the terrain, so that the material delivers the following surface features; on the ground, we should do high and low voltage switchgear collocation.

    Must improve mineral processing equipment. The quality of mineral processing equipment will directly affect the cost of the entire production line. It is necessary to improve the quality and performance of the equipment. Only good quality equipment, long-term use, you can save the investment, these are the way to reduce investment costs. Therefore, the improvement of equipment is an important way to reduce costs.

    Crusher Price: