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Daily Maintenance of Portable Crusher

  • Portable stone crusher is mainly used for material processing of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials that often need to be relocated, especially for the operation of portable stone such as expressway, railway, hydropower projects, so as to create more new business opportunities for customers and reduce production costs. Portable stone crusher has the characteristics of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of whole line flow, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Especially, it has good mobility, can extend with the raw material or construction site, and can be combined in many ways to meet the needs of different materials.

    Daily Maintenance of Portable Crusher

    Maintenance of portable crusher is the concern of many users, because only careful maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of equipment, and thus create more considerable economic value for users.

    (1) Equipment should be lubricated according to technological standards, and when selecting the type of lubricating oil, the specified type of lubricating oil should be used, especially in terms of type and dosage.

    (2) It is necessary to tighten the parts which are easy to loosen in time so as to effectively avoid more damage to the equipment. To a certain extent, the vulnerable parts also affect the efficiency of the equipment, and more attention should be paid to the maintenance process.

    (3) If there is too much noise or vibration in the production process, stop check, noise is often the prelude to the failure, to avoid greater damage, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of such phenomena.