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Characteristics of Pebble Crushing Production Line

  • Pebble crushing plant is carefully matched according to the properties of pebble materials. It is a set of energy-saving and environmental protection production line for crushing and sand making, with high output. In addition, the pebble crushing plant is also suitable for all kinds of rocks, sands and river pebbles. It can process construction sand of all sizes, and the finished product has uniform grain size and high compressive strength. It is far more in line with the construction requirements and improves the construction quality than the sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sander.

    Pebbles are sent to jaw crusher for coarse crushing by feeder, and then to cone crusher for medium and fine crushing after crushing, and then to sand making machine for sand making by conveyor. The processed pebble sand shall be graded by vibrating screen to get the required specifications of pebbles. The products that meet the production requirements of the user shall be sent to the finished product pile. If the size is not standard, rework and re crush the sand until they meet the requirements. The whole sand production line is reasonable and compact, the equipment is well connected and linked, and the automatic production and processing can be realized without manual assistance, with high efficiency and large output.

    Characteristics of Pebble Crushing Production Line
    1. All equipment space layout is reasonable, the whole production line has high crushing efficiency and small floor area, effectively reducing the investment cost of the enterprise, while creating higher economic benefits for users;

    2. The crushing effect is remarkable. After crushing, the pebble particles have solid quality, uniform texture, no over crushing and no stone powder content, which can meet the industrial demand of higher standards, and the market prospect is considerable;

    3. The operation process of the production line is basically free of dust and noise pollution, because it is equipped with advanced dust and noise reduction equipment, which can reach the production standard of green environmental protection and create a good operating environment.

    Pebble Crushing Processing: