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How to improve the working efficiency of grinding mill?

  • According to the fineness of the grinding material and the fineness of the discharging material, the operation of the grinding mill can be divided into ultrafine mill, fine grinding and coarse grinding. Our commonly used grinding equipment are MTW Trapezium Mill,  Raymond Mill, Vertical Grinding Mill, SCM Ultrafine Mill, and so on. It is suitable for grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mines.

    The mineral resources in nature, in addition to its hardness performance can not be processed by mechanical equipment such as crusher or pulverizer, 85% of the materials can be processed by powder mechanical equipment to get more extensive application, with the attitude of powder products all over the market, playing its own exclusive performance in many industries. Therefore, the production efficiency of the grinding production line is the focus of the user's attention, so how to judge whether the working efficiency of the ultrafine mill is improved or reduced?

    The first method is: output per unit working time. For ultra-fine grinding machine, according to the requirements of processing fineness, there will be a unit of output standard in time. Through the evaluation of production, we can conclude whether the work efficiency will be improved or decreased in a certain period of time.

    The second method is: the utilization coefficient of ultra-fine grinding machine. Only when the equipment type, specification, ore property, ore particle size and product size are consistent with the regulations, in the utilization coefficient of ore particle size, the conditions of similar product particle size can reflect the properties and grinding of various ores, and the utilization coefficient of specific particle size can more accurately reflect the working conditions, which can be different Production capacity of specifications, different feed sizes and product sizes.

    These two methods can intuitively judge the working efficiency of the ultra-fine grinding machine. If the working efficiency is improved and the finished product is guaranteed, then it is necessary to summarize how such effect comes from. If the work efficiency is reduced, check it to see if there is any problem that needs to be adjusted in time.

    How to improve grinding mill work efficiency:

    1. Ensure the dryness of the material, make the processing more effective and avoid the phenomenon of stickiness;

    2. Keep the evenness and relaxation of the feeding, which will cause the blockage of the inlet or outlet;

    3. Regular replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts will affect the production progress after the strike of vulnerable parts.

    Grinding Mill Manufacturers: