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Mobile Complete Crushing Plant

  • The mobile stone production line is the mobile rock crusher that we often use. The whole machine is controlled by the full-automatic system, and the body can be transferred at any time. In the modern crushing cases, the performance of the mobile stone crushing production line is commendable. It appears more and more frequently in the stone processing field, and also gains a lot of users' praise. Full automatic control system, mobile saving structure, flexible modern transition advantages, mobile operation of the crushing production line, the emergence of many users.

    Mobile means that the main line is small and exquisite, and the whole machine should be fast and flexible, which is a great test for the fuselage structure. The stone crushing production line has a high requirement on the stability of the fuselage. Can the mobile stone production line improve the speed sensitivity and ensure the operation stability? Certainly.

    1. Solid foundation of basic configuration to ensure reliable operation strength of mobile production line

    The mobile Complete Crushing Plant takes the ship shaped steel frame structure as the main frame of the fuselage, and the core operation configuration is the same as that of the traditional fixed production line. According to the user's demand, various crushing equipment can be selected and equipped. According to the physical and chemical properties of raw materials and the discharge demand, combined with the actual environment, the equipment configuration scheme is planned. The small-scale production line can independently complete the feeding, crushing and screening by one vehicle Processing, large and medium-sized production capacity, can be combined with multiple units into a variety of mobile crushing production lines, to respond to the operation needs of different users.

    2. Powerful mobile system makes equipment transition more free and High-yield

    There are two modes of the mobile system, tire type and track type. The performance of tire type is enough for normal flat operation. If the environment is difficult and needs to climb the mountain, the crawler type mobile configuration can be selected, which has stronger mobility, can overcome more difficult environmental conditions and adapt to more difficult working conditions.

    3. On site real shooting of mobile stone crushing production line -- multi unit combined crushing

    The mobile crushing production line can be moved at any time without disassembly and assembly. The tire type can be towed by semi-trailer, and the crawler type can be moved independently. The two configurations do not need to be fixed by piling. Therefore, it is convenient to pull away the mobile crushing production line directly without disassembly and assembly equipment type stone production line.

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