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4 tips for you to choose the right stone crusher

  • Stone crusher is crushing and processing for stone equipment, stone crusher has many models, but how to choose stone crusher in aggregate production plant? The common stone crusher used in Ethiopia is jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, crushing processing equipment, to remind the user of different production places need different stone crusher.

    The most important thing for the selection of stone crushers is to beneficiate the crushing machinery suitable for their own output and finished product particle size according to their own beneficiation process. A complete production line needs several crushers to match for better production. In addition, the quality of crushers can not be ignored. Wear resistant parts and motors are lining plates, which are important standards for the quality of stone crushers.

    1) For very solid or quite solid, fine and ductile quartzite, basalt, granitic rock, quartz porphyry, sandstone, limestone, iron ore, quartz vein, conglomerate, magnesium ore, marble, dolomite, pyrite, siliceous shale, shale induced sandstone and other high hardness ores, it is necessary to select crushing equipment with strong crushing capacity (jaw crusher), If the crusher with other hammering and grinding methods is used, the machine will be seriously worn.

    (2) Some ores with medium hardness, such as clayey rock, unstable limestone, sandstone, dense marl, etc., can be crushed by jaw crusher, heavy hammer impact crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, with a wide range of options.

    (3) For ores with weak compressive strength, such as weak shale, chalk, rock salt, gypsum, anthracite, ordinary marl, broken sandstone, cemented conglomerate, rocky soil and broken shale, it is not necessary to use jaw crusher for crushing. Hammer crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and composite crusher can be selected.

    (4) In terms of the water content of the ore, the hammer crusher with castor plate discharging by the castor plate hole is not suitable for the ore with too high humidity, such as clay mixture. For brittle ore, grinding crusher should not be used, otherwise there will be too much fine grinding in the product, and impact crusher should be used for this kind of ore.

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