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in my Blade & Soul customer

  • The battle gets way funnier at levels. It would have been better to played to 25/30 to get a better look at BNS Revolution gold the game; in almost all aspects.If nothing else play the game for the narrative. It is easily one of the best in mmogo.

    The kung fu master is a tanky distraction that can counter and hold your opponent in conflicts as well as the new character the Soul fighter is a sorcerer together with a kungfu master basically your all rounder the assassin is similar to team of legends their purpose is to isolate a high value target and take it out blade grasp is a all rounder good in harm and good in HP.I'm pretty sure I have not missed anything but id suggest contemplating you based your own verdict on a beta to choose a second look at it and to explain any misunderstanding I don't mean to sound like an ass I am just adding some upgraded facts.

    Whenever I go to log into the CBT Western for Blade & Soul I get a script error. The launcher will go to its loading splash page after clicking either yes or no. After some time I get another error which occurred in my Blade & Soul customer. I receive a pop-up that states"An error report has been made concerning the status of this installed Blade & Soul customer, your hardware configuration, the DDL list packed into the memory and data relevant to another customer errors" I have analyzed everything, reset my notebook and even mill restored it. Changed compatibility settings and deleted the file. Nothing has ever worked because the next beta began and I've been stuck.

    So I started playing this game awhile back when it lauched in february and now I have to say that left me with a big dispointment markers as soon as I reach a level I keep getting quited from the loading screens when progressing to some other map or region I have tryed everything literally and I can t resolve it I quited I also sent a ticket to the service and they didn t resolve my issue and even seemed to not care at all play at the eu server so I got so mad with the game even my friend actually purchased a founder pack went more in the game like 20 more levels and his game add this problem to wich they just gived my buddy the refund and goodbye guy this things are sad after wath dragon nest eu did marketed the company to other firm leaving players with no just level maximum account that you can t do nothing becouse degree maximum items are so expensive its own complety useless, im having battles finding a fantastic MMORPG for computer since today I bought skyrim and borderlands two to entertain me. But if somebody has any solution to my Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold crashes I am told by someone personally.Whenever there are telegraphs, they arrive. What the hell? That said, keep your money close and don't invest them unless you absolutely have to.