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in forthcoming sequel The Division 2

  • You can choose between PvP or PvE oriented clans, pick the period of The Division 2 Boosting the day when the clan is most active, language, region and mic requirement options are also present, and you may even pick the general atmosphere of this clan - a more casual encounter or highly competitive PvP clan. Will get to style the insignia of the clan. Along with that, clans can have three privacy levels - open, invite just and personal.

    As the titles suggest, open clans are searchable and open to all gamers, invite-only are searchable but you are going to need to submit an application for membership, while personal clans are hidden from search and can only be joined through an invitation sent by the clan's leadership.There will also be member ranks - Commander, Lieutenant, Agent and Recruit and every one of these ranks will have different roles and permissions. Clan quarters will be set at The East Wing of the White House where players can hang out with their clan mates and select up weekly rewards.

    Among the complaints levied at strategic shooter Tom Clancy's The Division was that there wasn't a whole lot to do once gamers had free Manhattan from mob rule. Ubisoft are expecting to tackle then in forthcoming sequel The Division 2, releasing a new trailer specifically focusing on post-completion activities.

    Included in these are Specialist courses that are new, a deadly new faction; The Black Tusk, along with a selection of raids and fresh strongholds. There will even be equipment and boomsticks available to people who have worked hard to clean out Washington D.C.'s scumbags.Hopefully this will help keep fans engaged long into The Division 2's lifespan.