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What about realising 2 versions of MLB

  • If we, in the Franchise Nation create enough noise we could influence SDS into Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs creating franchise mode a principal focus for MLB 20! Fantastic movie as always Frisk! Thanks for all you do for us smaller guys in the franchise community! I have not cared about franchise mode since they took out having the ability to set prices, update the arena, do fan giveaways in home matches. Once all that shit left, I stopped playing that mode.As long as I have the option between playing franchise mode as it is currently with complete control over my group and numerous teams as well as playing in the March to October format. I'm good. The key is giving individuals the option to play with franchise how ever they want. That way you do not alienate the hardcore diehards or the casual players.

    I fully agree with you that M2O will make Franchise style a more immersive style if they had been to give the choice to jump in and out. I am one of the few who like to play each game of my franchise. While I rarely make it more than a year or two in every cycle, I'd like to be more hands on with my results. I am extremely excited to try out M2O and find out how it really plays out. I'd really like to see that it incorporate the little leagues in certain fashion and enlarge to more franchise options. I also believe the new mode will be a gateway for much more of the casual fans to Franchise mode. It combines the benefits for DD using a new entry into the Franchise encounter and provides users a chance to relish a mode which they may not have otherwise. I do not mind giving them a couple of years to see what they come up with.

    What about realising 2 versions of MLB. 1 of DD And all the other modes they have ( wich I dont play a lot of ) and a only Franchise mode perhaps at half price. In this manner they can satisfied both Fan base players. I know alot of ppl family and friends that perform and love Franchise mode. ? I like how they added real contracts to franchise. But they will need to add better free service screens. Along with viewing your budget this past year. In addition, I feel like they will need to MLB 19 the show stubs add editing to contracts in the edit player option. Would be 10x better.I play complete games every now and then but it's defs a cool idea. However I wish to manage my group like commerce, draft and sign. And I love to play with minor league games.