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I have a small question for RS gold everybody

  • I have a small question for RS gold everybody: Just how many new accounts are brand new characters? I reckon a huge majority of the current RS players grew up enjoying it, which might explain why people try to maximize their sport instead of have fun while grinding.I began playing the sport in late 2004, when there was still the wildy and free trade. As the game became more popular, it became near impossible to buy so items due to all the (what I call)"trade chatter" Put you could trade freely with buddies and give them items and cash if they needed it, even without any restrictions, which was fine.

    I never fell for the going into the wildy to get inexpensive things tricks, but I did create some believe I was after em, then they'd maintain the wildy and I'd be on the safe side and they got attacked... LMAO Then the few ruined it for everybody and trad limitations went into effect. They opened the grand exchange so players were able to buy things but I believe it created inflation sky-rocket and several items became over-priced. I quit playing months back ( The_Blue_Hag) when the Evolution of Combat was nevertheless a bended in beta and became a reality. It just wasn't enjoyable to play with the game anymore.

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