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Enhance Your Soccer Training Drills with Soccer Mannequins

  • If you a soccer enthusiast, then you must be exposed to all types of drills & training techniques. And most of the times you must have used soccer mannequins but you didn’t take any interest in learning about them.

    Also known as soccer free kick mannequins may not be your answer to all team problems, but surely are good pieces of equipment. If utilised accordingly with the drills,  can make a significant impact on the development of your team.



    Here are a few major reasons to utilize this equipment while training- 

    • Enhance Dead Ball Situations 

    To practice dead ball situations, soccer mannequins are very useful. 

    • Free Kicks-Do you know that soccer mannequins can be set up in front of the 18-yard box for free kicks. They can encourage players to aim hard to reach areas in the goal by acting as dummy defenders. 


    • Corners- They can be used as targets as well as defenders for corner practices. Getting the ball past the 1st defender when taking the corner is one of the main issues faced by some players. For instance, you can set a single mannequin as a defender and use others as a targeted attacker


    • Penalties- These can also be utilized along the goal line so as to enhance the precision of penalty taking too.


    • Realistic Training 

    For simulating defenders, the soccer mannequins are absolutely great soccer equipment. Although it does not fully substitute for a real defender, can add up to a good degree of realism to training. In addition to this, this equipment also enhances the positional awareness of the players.


    • For Indoor and Outdoor Use


    Most of the free kick mannequins come in two pieces i.e. a weighted rubber base and the body. If you are training outdoors, then weighted rubber bases will work really well, but sometimes the coaches opt not to have these spikes on the body to secure it into the grass.


    As it is not possible to work indoors with them where the ground is of wooden flooring. In these situations, the rubber bases are used because they stick well to the floor.



     Although there are many other reasons for using these free kick mannequins while training other than the aforementioned. The point is that these are very helpful and should be utilized in case of any drills as well as training needs too.


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