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Difference Between Accurate and Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • There are a lot of people who are suffering from chronic lower back pain. There a be various reasons besides chronic lower back pain such as minor falls, car accidents, continuous sitting for long hours, etc.

    Thus, the very first thing the person suffering from this issue should consult a chiropractor get chronic lower back pain treatment but before this, you should understand the difference between chronic and acute pain. Remember both these conditions are significantly different and usually treated by using different medical procedures.

    Difference between accurate and chronic lower back pain:

    Acute pain is basically a sudden sensation that you experience after an injury. Whenever you get contusion you will experience a sudden pain which slowly lowers once the contusion heals. However, chronic pain occurs when the pain continues for more than three months.

    Thus, the chronic pain has nothing to do with the bruises as it is caused when the internal body parts like the spine, muscles, joints undergo severe damage.

    In case of a car accident, your spine gets damaged and causes issues including Whiplash, lower back pain, herniated disc, etc. and you are not taking any chronic lower back pain treatment immediately by forest lake chiropractor, the situation is likely to get worse with each passing day.

    Furthermore, consulting the chiropractor with SouthOCchiropractic will help you recover soon.