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The Chicago Bulls All-Time team.

  • One of the biggest additions to NBA 2K20 is the new Neighborhood mode. This new mode nba 2k20 myteam mt for sale an extension of the MyCareer mode and it allows players to wander around and interact with other players in real time. Once you first jump into the Neighborhood, you’ll see a lot of other players running around just like you. There’s a lot to do in this area and it can quickly become overwhelming, so let us help you learn where everything is.

    If you don’t like the haircut you chose for your created character, you aren’t out of luck. Once you complete the first few games on your MyCareer, you’ll be able to head on down to Doc’s Barber Shop and get a brand new haircut. Since this is NBA 2K20, you don’t exactly have a map telling you explicitly where everything is so you’ll have to do some searching on your own. Luckily, it isn’t all that hard to find.

    Once you leave your team’s practice facility, just head straight down the road and take a right on the road that has Foot Locker and the NBA Store. Keep going until you see the familiar red, white and blue pole that signals a barber shop.

    One thing that’s nice about Doc’s is that none of the hairstyles are unavailable from the start. There’s other things in the Neighborhood, shoes, for example, that require you to have a higher overall but hair is not one of those things. However, if you want to dye your hair to a different color other than blonde, black or brown, you’ll need to raise your overall to 80. Getting your overall to 80 unlocks the Dennis Rodman collection (it’s not actually called the Dennis Rodman collection) which will include green, purple, blue, pink and more off-the-wall colors of hair.

    Once you select a new hairstyle and color, Doc will then go all Grand Theft Auto on you and make a head of hair appear out of thin air. This will also unlock an achievement or trophy for you so there’s other benefits to going here. Going to Doc’s for the first time will give you a set of headphones which allows you to hear the game’s soundtrack while you’re walking around. If you’re feeling even more dangerous, you can head next door and get yourself a tattoo if your heart desires. Keep in mind that most of these require a higher overall rating.

    NBA 2K20 is out now for those who pre-ordered. If you didn’t pre-order a copy, you can look forward buy mt for 2k20 the official release this Tuesday, September 19.