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Most Streams At Once: PlayStation Vue

  • PlayStation Vue comes in with the highest price point, as its cheapest bundle, “Access,” buy mt coins $39.99, making it a more expensive base package than Sling TV, DirecTV Now and Fubo TV.

    Still, it does have some compelling advantages, as DVR is included and users can watch on five separate devices at once, which is more than any other service.

    Note that NBC is live in select markets, and you can enter your zip code on this page to see what local channels are available in your area.

    Here’s a look at the “Access” bundle:

    Total Channels Included: 40-plus, depending on local channels available. You can find the complete channel list here

    Extras: Watch on five different devices at once; cloud DVR (restrictions with certain channels); can sign in with PlayStation Vue credentials on NBC Sports app

    Return to the PlayStation Vue website to start watching on your desktop. You can also watch via the PlayStation Vue app, which is available via a handful nba mt coins different mobile or streaming devices. You can click here for the complete list of compatible devices