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In recent years, a number of NBA players

  • In recent years, a number of NBA players have moved to China. 2k20 mt for sale journeyman Mike James played for the Golden Bulls in 2010, while Cleveland guard J.R. Smith joined the franchise during the 2011 NBA lockout.


    Eddy Curry, who won the 2012 NBA title alongside Wade in Miami, spent the 2012-13 season with the Golden Bulls, while former Phoenix Suns guard Jerel McNeal had a 15-game stint in China in 2013 and former Los Angeles Clippers guard Willie Warren played for the team between 2015 and 2017.


    Based in the city of Yiwu—in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, approximately 856 miles south of Beijing—the Golden Bulls play in the South Division of the Chinese Basketball Association.


    Founded in 1995, the franchise changed name five times before settling on the current Golden Bulls moniker in 2009.


    Wade could of course still receive an offer from an NBA team, although any deal will in all likelihood be nowhere near as lucrative as the one the Golden Bulls have put on the table.


    Last season, the 12-time All-Star averaged a career-low 11.4 points in 67 games for the Cavaliers and the Heat, to which he was traded in February.


    Wade averages 22.5 points per game in his career, but last averaged at least 20 points per game in a season in the 2014-15 campaign with the Heat.


    Last week, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that the most Miami can offer Wade next season is the $5.3 million mid-level taxpayer exception, as the franchise nba 2k20 buy mt currently above the salary cap.