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Characteristics Of Dehydrated Vegetable Drying Machine


    First, the dehydration Vegetable Drying Machine has an excellent drying effect, the yield rate is 100%, and the dehydration is rapid, completely maintaining the original color and essence of the article.

    1. The hot air provided is pure hot air. The hot air temperature is provided according to the requirements of the article. It is automatically controlled from 50 °C to 160 °C and the set temperature range.

    2. The drying box is a five-layer structure, which is cycled and flipped, layer by layer, and artificially turned over in a large degree of simulated sunlight.

    3. The fifth layer is a relatively dry material, which is gradually wetted layer by layer and dehydrated layer by layer. The hot material is in contact with the hot material, and the wet material is in contact with the hot and humid air to avoid direct contact with the hot air. Greatly mitigate the damage caused by sun exposure to the nature and color of the item.

    4. The contents of the multi-layer flip drying box are dehydrated and dried by layer by layer. The final wet air is directly drained from the top layer, and the contact time between the wet wind and the object is extremely short (less than 5 seconds), completely avoiding the contact of the wet wind with the articles. The "沤" phenomenon that occurs over a long period of time guarantees the color of the item.

    Second, the combustion chamber of the equipment is separated from the vertical multi-layer drying box, and the isolation is carried out. The pure hot air entering the drying box is free from pollution and there is no fire hazard.

    Third, the fuel is extensive, wood scraps, coal, natural gas, kerosene can also be used.

    Fourth, the equipment is designed separately, the drying layer is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

    5. Dehydrated vegetable dryers are developed according to the principle of Chinese herbal medicines. Dehydration and drying of traditional Chinese medicines, dried fruits, etc., other drying equipment are unparalleled.

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