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Promote Mobile

  • Take Advantage of Emails
    When managed properly, emails bring a lot of value in terms of brand promotion. A recent study shows that over 90% of internet users check their emails every day. So why not use this data for your advantage and include links for downloading your app and paid ios app reviews into newsletters and updates? It’s a good idea to incorporate an app link into your email signature.

    Make a Catchy Demo Video
    Delegate this task to the most inspired and creative employee in your company. Explain to them that the video should speak about the purpose of the app and be as informative as possible. It may include an element of surprise to pique viewers’ curiosity and entertain them. Publish the final piece on your website and social networks. You can also use a YouTube channel (if you have one).

    Try Different App Stores
    In addition to the App Store and Google Play, there are alternative online app stores you can use. It is interesting to note that apps submitted via less popular app stores are 200% more likely to be downloaded rather than when submitted via major ones.

    The list of possible online stores for your app include:

    Amazon Appstore
    Opera Mobile Store
    Try to Get Awards
    When applying for awards, you increase the visibility of your app and hence attract more customers. Even if your chances of winning may not be high, you still benefit from the additional press, reviews, and downloads. Furthermore, if your idea and pitch are truly amazing, you may get the desired award.

    The most popular app award websites are:

    Apple Design Awards
    AppCircus Competition
    Appsters Awards
    Appy Awards
    Best App Ever Awards
    Best Mobile App Awards
    Ericsson Application Awards
    Don’t Forget About SEO
    Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in any kind of promotion. It helps your app URL to show up on the first page in Google ranking, hence generating more traffic for your website.

    What you have to do is research targeted keywords and incorporate them into your promotional campaign. It is useful to analyze keywords you’re already ranking on and implement certain lead generation techniques to increase visibility. When doing SEO, you can start with Google Analytics or try SearchMan and MobileDevHQ.

    Extend Your Outreach
    App Store should not be your only target. Search Google to get more opportunities for promotion.

    Let’s assume that you’re planning to launch (or have already launched) a travel app. Google “The Best Travel Apps” and carefully check the results. Among the top posts, you will see reputable blogs that have a high rating on the market. Contact them, tell about your app and kill several birds in one stone. You will get more traffic, enhance exposure, build more links, generate more reviews and enjoy better rating.

    Join Groups on Social Media
    You can boost your brand visibility by leveraging your social media strategy. Join groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ in order to connect to entrepreneurs and app developers.

    You can catch their attention by offering promo codes or other incentives to try your app. If they are willing to do it, you can discuss your app performance and ask them about possible bugs and areas for improvement. By building a partnership with entrepreneurs and developers, you get an opportunity to cross promote each other’s products in the future without spending a penny.