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Rainbow Six Siege break a record for monthly active users

  • Rainbow Six Siege Credits Digital Sales are always on growing as some of the most grossing titles are achieving high numbers of revenue. Alongside the most grossing titles such as League of Legends and Fortnite there’s a new spellbinder and that is Rainbow Six Siege.

    During June 2019 Siege saw an average player count of 78,059.3 with a peak of 140,274. That’s more than 30% increase of the previous period. Impressive stats to say the least though these don’t account for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Siege communities.

    SuperData has come out with a report that Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has managed to gather over $36.8 million in revenue just from in-game offers. buy Rainbow Six Siege CreditsAnother factor that cosmetics have a significant impact on players and looking fresh costs a dividend.

    All gameplay content for Siege is absolutely free available to anyone who owns a copy of the game. However the Year Pass will grant access to new playable operators seven days ahead of regular punters and without having to grind for in-game currency. Other microtransactions include individual skins cosmetic bundles and R6 Credits.

    To download and play Rainbow Six Siege Credits today for free at