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Music and Emotion

  • For as long as people live on earth, there is music. Every person responds to the music in one way or another, either with disgust or delight. Music surrounds us, and our lives are soaked with it. Consequently, nearly all events and celebrations have some kind of music integrated into the ceremony or ritual that goes with them. To set the example, the most often played song in the world is “Happy Birthday”, and there is scarcely any person on earth who celebrated their birthday without listening to it.

    There are such songs that just ultimately make one happy, make their day better after they hear the first notes. They make people want to smile, add a little spring to their step, put the glow on their face. It might be just the tune of the song, or, on the contrary, the lyrics to that song, or even the combination of both that could impress one. Either way, that song makes one’s day a little bit brighter, no matter what.

    As a counter balance, there are songs that are sad and sappy; they make people feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Listening to them people tend to start instantly thinking of sentimental things or some global issues. These tunes go very deep into their souls, into very sacred places of their heart and start making havoc there, and releasing personal demons, let them torment a person.

    There are such songs that ultimately make one tap the rhythm with their feet without realizing it. In the flicker of the moment, a person standing in the line in the bank listening to iPod starts busting shy moves with their hips. There are such tunes that can not let one stay still. Those melodies give people an instant burst of energy and desire to channel every bit of emotion through the moves.

    The growing variety of music genres allows people to find the type of music to connect with as it is the vital component for people to enjoy the music. One song can be a source of joy to one person, revive old memories for the other and bring melancholy or even the annoyance and disgust to the others. However, the feeling when you feel the goose bumps on the skin from listening to the song is precious.

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