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    But he came pretty damn close. I mean, he recreated the tenor of Nazi Germany in New Haven in 1961. And of course, a further twist to this story is that even though the experiments became instantly world famous, but they were almost universally condemned because the experiments themselves were deemed immediately to be unethical because he was putting his subjects in this position of killing another person, and you know, that he was putting, quote, "undue stress" on these people. So, in a weird way, he kind of fell victim to his own genius.

    Beginners!The StitchClub is the brainchild of Anna Wright, a lively Liverpudlian with boundless enthusiasm and an easy laugh. One Thursday afternoon, she lets the The Mayo News take a peek inside. The door swings open onto a group of women winding down after a morning's sewing session. www.airretrojordans.com www.airretrojordans.com Stepping in, you're greeted with smiles, banter, the smell of coffee, a big plate of biscuits, the contented hum of sewing machines and the impressive sight of design projects at various stages airretrojordans.com airretrojordans.com of completionWhat draws these women here? It's the opportunity to learn new skills, of course, but it's also something of a social sanctuary.

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