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    As a media group, we are acutely aware that the Internet and digital spaces are emerging as a formidable and increasingly important space for public debate and engagement. For the first time, we have an extensive multimedia digital package that complements the content in print form.

    In Sochi's case, had America chosen to boycott, they would have been forcing the countries that showed up to implicitly state that they were OK with oppressing gay people, while any country that didn't want to send that message would have no choice but to not attend. Suddenly the world would be divided along rainbow flag lines.Michel Tcherevkoff/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesThe equator is still in the closet.That's why attending is the best thing we could possibly do.

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    These include the radial and ulnar arteries and veins and the radial, ulnar, and median nerves. The subcutaneous fatty tissue of the forearm contains superficial nerves and veins. "We know it's not going to be an NFL type attendance [in numbers]," says Kit Simeone, a WUSA consultant. "We're trying to be realistic.