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    Baccal mantecato, a creamy mix that should be made from dried as opposed to salt cod, served with squares of grilled polenta made with organic Polenta bramata almost conjured up ghostly 19-37-10750 voices of gondoliers. The rotund scallop in its shell cheap jordans shoes for sale with gratin of garlic shot toasted breadcrumbs was better than any I can remember eating in Venice. Fritto misto didn't exactly speak of the tempting display at the Rialto market but then Vauxhall Bridge Road is hardly the Grand Canal.

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    In the past, restoration of paintings and other old artwork often involved application of acrylic resins to consolidate and protect them. One of the most important tasks for modern restorers is thus to remove these layers, because it turns out that acrylic resins not only drastically change the optics of the treated artwork, but in many cases they accelerate their degradation. Italian researchers working with Piero Baglioni at the University of Florence have now developed a technique to effectively remove such old polymer layers from sensitive historic artworks. As the researchers report in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the new cleaning system involves only a tiny proportion of volatile organic compounds. "We have demonstrated the first successful application of a water based system for the removal of an organic layer from artwork," says Baglioni. "In addition, our method is simpler and less invasive than traditional processes."

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