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    To make sure there would be enough room for everything, I hacked up some more lawn out at the ends of two beds for potato space. After peeling off the turf part, I dumped on an inch or so of compost and dug that a couple of inches down into the awful red clay. Then I layered on more compost, laid out the seed potatoes on top, then spread another couple of inches of compost over the seed potatoes.

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    Though those claims have been laughed off by many in the industry who know him best (Barris himself refuses to comment one way or the other these days), Clooney and Kaufman use those far fetched unlikelihoods as the template for a great, bizarre, and ultimately very, very unique film. There's nothing like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind out there right now (and likely there never has been), and while at times it seems to border on straight cheap real retro jordans bio pic territory (with the usual Kaufman twists, natch), it's still a gleefully crazed debut from Clooney, with a solidly weird turn from Rockwell as Barris.

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