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    BK: Well, he has become that, but I resist that as a word. Reading through his blogs and his Twitter as far back as I could get, he didn't see himself as special, really. Which is actually not true. He was a unique individual, right? He had certain skills that not everybody has. But that's certainly not how he saw it, and I think it diminishes a little bit to make him special. One of the cheapauthenticairjordans things he said in his blog was that his opinion of intelligence was simply being curious, and I think that's true. Everybody has access to the kinds of 19-35-844 tools that he had, and can do the kinds of things that he did. It's not that he was a prodigy or a genius; it's that he was curious and that he cared and that he was tenacious. 19-35-844 He turned all of his talents, time, and energy to trying to fix the things that he thought were problems. And of course we can all do that.

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