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    This system, created in the laboratory of Jasna Bruji an assistant professor in NYU's Department of Physics and part of its Center for Soft Matter Research, is an oil in water solution whose surface jordans shoes for sale properties reproduce those found on biological cells. Specifically, adhesion between compressed oil droplets mimics the mechanical properties of tissues and opens the path to numerous practical applications, ranging from biocompatible cosmetics to artificial tissue engineering.

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    My personal favourite of the No.5 family also happens to be the newest: Eau Premire, launched in 2008, is contemporary lighter and more refreshing. I also suspect it might contain less ylang ylang, a tropical flower with an especially clinging scent about which I feel the same as Polge feels about tuberose. "Yes," he says, "I did change the balance of the flowers. There is less ylang ylang in it. I made it for those women who say to me, 'No.5 is a fantastic fragrance but it's not for me.' It's easier to wear, lighter, more transparent."

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    Food and cookingWe had a problem in Cabot's Source restaurant when we used to charge people two quid fifty for side vegetables. People said 'Sure, it's only veggies, you can't charge that!' But they were wrong. The value of vegetables as carriers of good things for our bodies is without doubt. It is time to value and appreciate the humble yet mighty vegetable. Even meat maestro Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has written a tome dedicated to veggies
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