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    The patches are joined using Velcro, which has been modified to enable electrical as well as physical connections. Wires from the circuit board are attached to silver coated contacts in the Velcro. In this way, data and power can flow from one module to the next. Using square or triangular patches the user can fashion, and refashion, useful objects such as bags, belts, curtains or scarves.

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    Scott conquered Augusta by following the path of many previous champions and topping the Greens In Regulation stats. The Aussie found the putting surface in the right number 76.4% of the time and his excellent iron play was key. When Scott did miss the green, he made a superb job of saving par, finishing third in the Scrambling stats. Interestingly, he also found just one greenside bunker all week, while hitting just 11 fairways out of 28 on the weekend didn't hurt him.

    Seasoned http://www.cheapjordanscybermonday.com snow sporters and folks with cash to burn might want to invest in their own gear. You'll get a better ride out of boots that are broken in to your feet, bindings you're accustomed to and a board or skis that aren't trashed from misuse at the hands of untold numbers of amateurs. Budget at least $150 for clothing (especially a good jacket and pants), several hundred dollars for skis or a snowboard, and another Franklin or two for boots and bindings.