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    Tobacco use is one of the biggest contributors to the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases in the Western Pacific Region, which is home to more than one fourth of the world's population. In the Region, it is estimated that two people die every minute from tobacco related disease, and half of all women and children are regularly exposed to second hand smoke at home and in public places. Moreover, the Western Pacific Region has the greatest number of smokers; the highest rates of male smokers; and the fastest increase in tobacco uptake by women and young people. In the Region, 12% of all deaths are attributable to tobacco.

    Also standard are self leveling rear air spring suspension; halogen headlamps and foglamps; remote keyless entry; automatic front and rear seat climate controls; power windows; memory for driver's seat/seat belt height/steering wheel angle/outside mirror settings, leather seats, folding split rear seats and a shade like cargo cover that hides contents well but doesn't open/close too smoothly.

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