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    BMW India walked away with the Golden Steering Wheel for the Automotive Company Of The Year. BMW emerged on top in the premium sedan wars in the year 2012 by overtaking fellow German carmaker, Audi. In addition, BMW also kept itself busy by expanding its dealership network in the country and launched new models and updates such as the new 3 series, the 6 series Gran Coupe along with the iconic Mini Cooper range, registering impressive growth in the process.

    Aside from its testy relationship with the film industry, does cricket trigger art at all? Wall murals are a signature of football fandom in Latin America. In India, cities such as Kolkata have adopted this for cricketers. Music, especially custom created songs, provides another aspect. In 2007, India's World Cup campaign began to the rhythms of "Mind and body, heart and soul ", a pulsating number composed by Shankar, Ehsan and Loy. The Indian team got hammered in the tournament but the song, commissioned by a credit card provider for a cricket themed ad campaign, lingered in the public imagination. By the end, it was devoid of its original cricket association.
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