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beyond baltimore a police brutality protest in jer

  • Beyond Baltimore: A Police Brutality Protest in Jerusalem Turns Violent Sputnik InternationalBeyond Baltimore: A Police Brutality Protest in Jerusalem Turns Violent ? REUTERS Ronen Zvulun11:33 01.05.2015(updated 11:46 01.05.2015) Get short URLA demonstration against police brutality in Jerusalem has reportedly turned violent after law enforcers used force to disperse hundreds of protesters, including Israelis of Ethiopian descent.Police used water cannons,wholesale nhl jerseys, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse a demonstration against police brutality targeting Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin in Jerusalem on Thursday evening. At least 13 people were injured,wholesale nfl jerseys, with two police officers and five protesters taken to hospital, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance service. ? AFP 2015 THOMAS COEX A man wrapped in an Israeli flag gestures as Israeli Ethiopians,buy nike nfl jerseys, blocked by Israeli police,nfl jerseys for sale, stand in front of Israel's Prime minister's residence in Jerusalem on April 30,nfl jerseys cheap, 2015 The demonstration,mlb jerseys cheap,nato's new technology for tracking russian submari, which started as a peaceful march near Israel's national police headquarters in East Jerusalem, was initiated after the emergence of a video clip that showed two police officers assaulting an Ethiopian army conscript. The use of what protesters deemed to be "disproportionate force" during the demonstration was reportedly aimed at keeping angry crowds away from the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was quick to condemn the violence. "I unequivocally condemn the striking of the soldier from the Ethiopian community and those responsible will be brought to justice, but nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands,cheap nfl jerseys," Netanyahu said. He added that "immigrants from Ethiopia and their families are dear to us and Israel is making great efforts to ease their integration in society." ? AP Photo Matt RourkeBaltimore Uprising: State Halts Civil Rights Protections for Those ArrestedThe Thursday rally saw some protesters carrying banners that read "Enough to police violence" and "Gestapo" with an Israeli police emblem next to the inscription. Other protesters said that streets "must burn like in Baltimore". More than 120,000 Ethiopian Jews have come to Israel since chief rabbis determined in 1973 that their Jewish community had biblical roots. Despite the fact that some Israelis of Ethiopian origin managed to get jobs in the Israeli parliament and the military,nba jerseys cheap, complaints of discrimination against Ethiopian Jews are not uncommon.