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  • Points on certificate for Woods over SUV crash Orlando, fl, Fla. What hasn't ended is the public's passion for his private life, Which may get more technical. Us Weekly journal, Which hits newsstands sunday, Features a cover story alleging that a Los Angeles cocktail waitress had a 31 month affair with the No. 1 golfer and that the proof was in 300 texting. A while back, Just two days before Woods damaged his SUV into a fire hydrant and tree, The nation's Enquirer published a story alleging that Woods had been seeing a New York nightclub hostess,Oakley Zonnebrillen Outlet, And them to be recently together in Melbourne, Where Woods competed in the foreign Masters. The girl friend, Rachel Uchitel, Denied sleeping with others with Woods when contacted by The Associated Press. The earth's most famous athlete will be cited for careless driving outside his home in the exclusive gated community of Isleworth. It will cost him four points on his license, But he isn't face criminal charges, The Florida Highway Patrol said thursday. Forest, Who was briefly subconscious after the crash, Never spoke with researchers. Rather, He provided his license, Vehicle registration and proof of insurance to researchers, As critical by Florida law. A person's patrol"Is not pursuing criminal charges in this matter nor is there any testimony or other evidence to support any extra charges of any kind other than the charge of careless driving, Discussed Sgt. Betty Montes, A spokesperson for the highway patrol. "Despite dancing with the stars status of Mr. Timbers, The Florida Highway Patrol has completed its research in the same professional manner it strives to complete each traffic inspection, After talking to the local prosecutor's office, Detectives also decided there was insufficient evidence to issue a subpoena that would have given them access to records from his hospital visit after the crash,Oakley Sunglasses Factory, Montes referred to. Woods' representative, Ding Steinberg, Declined touch upon the fine and the Us Weekly story. Accident last Friday, Including remedy dispute between Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, Who told Windermere police she used a club to smash the back windows to help him out. "There are no claims of domestic violence by any person, Montes told. An attorney for the neighbors who called 911 said Woods did not appear to be driving drunk and showed no signs of having been in a fight. Attorneys Bill Sharpe said the Adams family found Nordegren kneeling beside her husband, Upset about his wounds. Sharpe said Woods appeared woozy and had scratches on his face and that his wife was searching console him. The Adamses wrapped Woods in a blanket and ensured he didn't move. Woods withdrew Monday from his own golf event in California, Citing damages from the crash. By skipping his event, Woods hoped to escape the TV cameras and a horde of media seeking more information. The event was to be all of the the year for Woods anyway, And he did not say when or where he would make his return pick up. For the moment, He is reading good media attention than when he won the 1997 Masters and set off the first wave of Tigermania. In Us Weekly, Jaimee Grubbs said she was 21 when she was called by Woods at a Las Vegas nightclub, At April 13, 2007 might have been five days after he finished second at the Masters and two months before the birth of his first child. The journal said the meeting"Progressed into a covert on and off affair" That lasted nearly many years and included hundreds of texts. "I hope he can forgive me for the process and I know he probably can't, Grubbs is quoted as suggesting. "No matter what with Elin, I hope Tiger and I can reconnect and remain buddys, An AP reporter went to a address in Escondido, Calif, Striving comment from Grubbs. An individual who identified himself as"Cody, Who came to the entranceway but didn't open it,Oakley Outlet Store Retailer, Said she hasn't been there. Grubbs not long ago appeared on VH1's reality series,Oakley Sunglasses Factory, "Tool academia, Highway patrol headline about Woods' car crash Orlando, florida, Fla. Following is the account released by the Florida Highway Patrol about Tiger Woods' car crash: The Florida Highway Patrol has concluded its lookup of the vehicle crash involving Mr. Padraig harrington. The researching has determined that Mr. Woods is accountable in the crash. Today,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses Sale, FHP issued a uniform traffic quotation for careless driving to Mr. Timber. Any person operating a vehicle upon the streets and highways within the state is required by law to drive in a careful and prudent manner so they won't endanger the life, Arm or leg, Or property of someone. Failure to drive in such a manner is synonymous with careless driving. Careless driving is a moving violation and upon conviction may cause a fine of $164 and four points on a driver's record. This is a single vehicle crash, With a single tenant. Yet, It is among thousands that occur in our state each year. Mister. Woods has satisfied what's needed of Florida law by providing his driver license, Subscription and proof of insurance to us. For this issuance of the citation, The Florida Highway Patrol has completed its groundwork into this matter. The FHP is not pursing criminal record charges in this matter, Nor is there any testimony or other evidence to support additional charges of any sort. After reviewing the data available to us, And in appointment with the Office of State Attorney Lawson Lamar, It was determined that there was insufficient evidence available to issue a subpoena to get more detail medical information that may exist in this case. We cannot speak to the inclusion of any blood evidence, Nor are there claims of domestic violence by anybody. The Florida Highway Patrol will not conduct additional press seminars or interviews on this matter. A copy of the crash investigation report is a matter of criminal record and will be finalized and available to members of the media by noon tomorrow for $10. To add, A supplemental package of all photographs taken at the scene is available goods public record for a fee of $105. Media reps wishing to obtain these documents in person may contact the Florida Highway Patrol Office located at 133 South Semoran Blvd, Apartment A, Orlando, fl, Fl schools 32807. 相关的主题文章: