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  • Often Rich Cox association. Alpharetta. 88. Twice separated, 3 kid Surviving daughter of cox small businesses founder James M. Cox (Deb. 1957); Sister Barbara Cox Anthony passed on in 2007. University dropout James Sr. Worked as a newspaper reporter before choosing Dayton Evening News for $26,000 having 1898. Segued into governmental policies; 3 period Ohio governor. Today media empire includes 17 daily magazines, 15 TV areas, 86 stereo, Car or truck retailer Manheim Auctions, Cox Auto investor. Sales exceed $15 million. Nephew James Kennedy runs functionality. Son of artist producer attended U. Of Washington on skiing scholarship or grant; Halted olympic games bid after injury 1956. Joined marine corps, Then built first hold on $10,000 loan 1958. Improved 10,000 acre Rancho Mission Viejo in ca, Commercialized to Philip Morris 1967. With allies, Bought marketplace developer Irvine Co. Intended to get $337 million 1977. Became business sole owner in 1996. Crafted central Orange County, Irvine and half of Newport bch. As we speak owns 9,000 developable acres in Orange region, 400 office structures, 40 retail stations, 90 place communities, Accommodations, Marinas, Golf activities. Reimburse $1.4 billion last October for 90% stake in 16 apartment things owned by Archstone Smith. Republican donor actively a McCain's presidential bid. Confirmed $20 million to UC, Irvine's law institution last August, An additional $8.5 million to cal afterschool program for low income students this year. Kirk Kerkorian $11.2 billion dollars Online casino houses, Purchases. Nevada, Denver. 91. Thrice separated, 2 youthful young Last year's biggest gainer is one among the this year's biggest losers. Slouching casino industry has pushed his 52% stake in gambling giant Worth $14 billion in august to a mere $5 billion. Corporate entity's stock fell 65% between October and June, Risky since. Another poorly accomplishing investment: Honda. After dabbling in GM for several years, Increased Ford usage in June; Has lost $160 million all this time. Eighth grade dropout properly coached fighter pilots during WWII. Flew surplus Air Force planes across Atlantic after war before building charter flights company Trans cosmopolitan Airlines; Sold for $104 million margin 1966. Touted Flamingo, Foreign hotels to Hilton 1970. Went showmanship: Decided to buy, Sold movie studio MGM 3 times considering 1986 and 1996. Bought Steve Wynn's Mirage accommodations for $6.4 billion dollars 2000, Then Mandalay Bay places for $7.9 million 4 years later. Today MGM Mirage is Vegas' largest casino by rooms in hotels.Beaverton,Oakley Polarized Flak Jacket Sunglasses, Ore. 70. Engaged to be partnered, 3 your the minors(1 dead) Nike Poobah jogging away from stake in company he cofounded 44 in the past; Has sold $1 billion importance of stock since last August. Bequeathed $100 million to U. Of Oregon's athletic system last year; Largest gift at school history. Oregon track star joined with coach to start shoe company 1964; Today largest running shoes,Cheap Fake Oakley Sunglasses, Apparel company in any hemisphere. Solution commissions: $18.6 million. Nike stocks and dispenses up 45% since new chief exec, Make Parker, Took in 2006. Organic growth becoming baffling; Experienced English soccerwear firm Umbro for $565 million in March. Stayed $3.4 billion last year half of company's marketing and advertising budget on top endorsers, Including sergio garcia, Lebron, Derek Jeter. Push in China helped by Beijing olympic games; Nike outfitted 22 Chinese teams in effort to capitalize on development occasion. John Kluge $9 thousand Metromedia. Palm lake, Fla. 94. Thrice separated, Remarried; 3 kid Tough year for onetime earth's richest man. His Bennigan's and Steak Ale restaurant chains filed for bankruptcy in July as food prices to be able to soar. German immigrant bought $4 million stake in city Broadcasting Corp. 1959, Relabeled Metromedia 1961. Bought independent television stations. Amassed lot, Started building n eaterie empire with proceeds in 1988. Known to WorldCom for $1.3 million in 2001. Further varied into medical devices, Technological innovations, Nuts. Contributed $400 million to Columbia U. Yr after; Fourth largest gift ever to an educational school; Money put toward money for college. Enthusiast of aboriginal art, Facilitates Library of Congress. Samuel means. (Cuando) Newhouse junior. $8 thousand Newspaper and tv. Ny. 80. Separated,Oakley Sunglasses Online Outlet Legit, Remarried; 3 boys and girls Donald Newhouse $8 thousand Newspaper and tv. 78. Hitched, 3 young ones Daughters of Sam Newhouse, Russian immigrant's son who turned Bayonne Times into Advance catalogs, Nation's largest independently owned newspaper chain. Pair took over after dads death 1979; Expanded and diversified into cord. Now own dazzling House Cable(2.4 million readers). Combining stakes in Discovery Channel and Animal Planet into new publicly operated company later this year. Donald oversees battered newspapers division(New Orleans particular cases Picayune, Portland Oregonian, Cleveland Plain trader,Mens Black Oakley Sunglasses, Newark Star journal). Si heads fashion periodicals via Cond Nast(Brand fresh Yorker, Pride Fair, Fashion). Product revenue: $5 billion dollars. Approximately net margins: 5%. Myself hand counts ad pages in Cond magazines, Resistance. Pleasures in controversies; Said to be pleased with the recent uproar over a satirical illustration on cover of New Yorker featuring Barack Obama in terrorist garb fist bumping his wife while the American flag burns in the hearth. Tepid online field of vision: Cond Nast sites used mainly to sell subscribers. Recently created partnership with Associated Press to deliver content on iPhones. Duo owns stunning art treasures, This includes Rubens, Johannes Lingelbach. Philip Anschutz $8 billion dollars Strategy of investment. Colorado. 68. Single, 3 boys Entertainment entrepreneur plans on profiting from ever increasing popularity of basketball in Asia. Utilizing the NBA, Michael's Sports and live show outfit will market, Program and operate the Olympic baseball arena in Beijing now that the games are over. First requirement: Sell the naming legal protection under the law. Yr after in $250 million, 5 year great promotion. Nobleman. Both teams play in her own Midsection. Son of oil driller had out dad 1961, Minted big in Utah, Wy. Holdings deal with railroads( ), Theatres(Regal theatres); Sold billions worth of Qwest shares realize it's a huge. Stephen Bechtel junior. $5.5 billion dollars Industrial, Development. Sf. 83. Betrothed, 5 boys and girls Third generation leader of firm that built Turkey's Ankara Gerede Highway and the Hong Kong airport terminal. Became Bechtel lead designer at age 35, Chairman 13 some time later. Son Riley now runs the $27 thousand(Sellings) Build quality outfit. Father and son each believed to own 20% of enterprise. In July 2007 aplauded opening of Tacoma Narrows Bridge near Seattle,Large Oakley Sunglasses, The longest suspension span built globally since 1960s. New projects your website $1.9 billion off shoot of its Worsley Alumina refinery in Western Australia. Owns stake in management of their bucks firm Fremont Group. 相关的主题文章: