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  • Private blog comments about Rielle Electronic Edwards: "Cherubim" On blog critical reviews? (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) Elizabeth Edwards is making anonymous blog comments about Rielle Hunter as"Cherubim" Says the san francisco Daily News. Even though Cherubim describes herself in her online profile as an dark-colored woman, A source who says he will know former Sen. John Edwards' wife electronic says that"Cherubim" Is truly Elizabeth Edwards. So perhaps Elizabeth Edwards is seen the blogosphere smearing Rielle Hunter even more under the pseudonym Cherubim see the comments I found below. Although it amazes me when cheated upon women focus more on blaming the mistress than the man I can't blame or fault Edwards for her alleged actions. The woman has tumors, For the lord's sake. I cannot think the stress she has been put under over these rough past years. Can make me happy for John and Elizabeth Edwards, Their kids, And the united states citizens whom John Edwards has, And I hope continues to serve. Unless you have been in Elizabeth's shoes, You do not know or even begin to understand how she is feeling or what she is going through. When a woman who has been married to a man for many years and that man stays, Your world unravels close to you. You don't even think logically anymore. You lash out and yes you want to make him hurt and suffer for every bit of pain he has caused you, Every time you have a chance. You simply can't sleep, You can't eat and you could care less how you look at this point because he has managed to humiliate you in front of God and everyone. We are the wives in which are looked to, To post the pieces and to hold everything together but who is there to hold us together. This may be Elizabeth's private therapy and if she can get in a few jabs at the home wrecking hussy, Then so pc training courses. She is battling cancer and this woman with your knowledge seduced a married man. We can't blame the man internet promotion weak for the flesh. Fish won't bite not having the bait. What. Affairs happen frequently. But the only person who really really disgusts me in this whole matter is the"hussy" Rielle seeker. A woman who is in her 40s should have a handled on contraception. Gawd rrs aware,Are Discount Oakley Sunglasses Real, I heard she's had enough follow. But she knew darn well John is gotten to you're wedding, And in specific that his wife is a cancer victim. Most cancers), Well that's just scummy conduct! Say no to, Ya just don't do that to another individual. Sooooooo recommend spirited! And then to conceive on top of it! How low is it possible to go, Rielle! I have a pity party for her kid with a selfish mother like Rielle. Oh and I forgot to post my main point, Which is that I don't blame Elizabeth if she is posting as Cherubim and doing a little Rielle bashing. That's her right to specific her opinions under a fake name. All of do it! And i believe she has been awfully civil in her posts. If my public figure husband and his slt destroyed my life the way John Edwards/Hunter did it to electronic. Oy vei. I would engaged in a major online bashfest of both associated with these! The lovely electronic is being tooooooo kind! 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