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Oakley Lifeguard Discount Why Are There Different

  • Why Are There Different Sunglass Lens Colours The military uses red or green lenses because they enhance contrast with less light, therefore making vision heightened during the dawn and dusk hours when eyesight is the most vulnerable. Athletes prefer orange or yellow because those colors cut out the glare of the sun and increase depth perception, making the goal or finish easily and clearly defined. One of the most standout lens colors is blue, which is proven to offer no benefits to sight at all and is merely just for show as it is very eye catching and vivid someone should contact Morpheus and let him know his super sweet nosegrip lenses are all for show. Black or grey lenses are the most common,Oakley Sunglasses, whether for the sinister look or for the 'cool' mysterious and sexy look. Black lenses are not necessary as it is not the darkness of the color that protects the eyes, but the quality of the lens. There are polarized lenses that block horizontal reflections and allow the wearer to see places they could not before; such as into water or across a snowy slope. Hence,Discount Sunglasses Oakley, black lenses, like blue,Discount Oakley Sunglasses Sale, are merely fashion decisions and will not aid one's game in the least. The colored lenses in everyday life are more for show than any purpose. Celebrities pick their designer sunglasses not by the effect it has but for their look. Everyone wants to stand out and different colors are the most drastic way to go. Kanye West is a sure testament to this, as is fellow rapper Flavor Flav. Color is meant to astound and shock, and bring attention,Oakley Leo Discount, not enhance their game. So, if you are a hunter, a biker or a fisherman dreaming of the pros pick out lenses that will help you hit you're a game. Otherwise, choose a color that stands out,Oakley Sunglasses For Cheap, is unique and well matched to your sense of style and have fun! 相关的主题文章: