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Oakley Minute Intel Hopes A Smart Idea Takes Fligh

  • Intel Hopes A Smart Idea Takes Flight The International Consumer Electronics Show came to a close Friday in Las Vegas and with it: the end of a performance. The show is meant to be a happy time: party hard. Put your best face forward even if you're not sure about the future of your company. The tens of thousands of people at the weeklong show didn't come for the musicians. They came to this gadgetfest for the engineers, for people like Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, who was the opening night headliner. As Krzanich stepped on stage, the audience expected to be dazzled. And he dazzled them with Nixie, which he called "the first wearable camera that can fly." The musthave drone has legs that fold around your wrist like a watchband. And when you want that selfie from the sky, unclasp it and it can hover around you to shoot. "Now those of you in the audience,Oakley Ballistic Sunglasses," Krzanich says,Wholesale Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, "Get your cameras ready we're about to witness history." We watch Nixie take the first flying photo on the stage of this electronics show and it's made possible by an Intel chip. For an hour, Krzanich uses whizbang technology to make a case: Just like Google is the software platform for developers around the world, Intel the chipmaker is the hardware platform. From drones to refrigerators to bracelets if it computes, if it's smart, if it needs to communicate it should be done with Intel inside. At least, that's the hope. A Comeback With Wearable Devices? "It's a hard slog," says Michael Malone. "That was a fairly reasonable conclusion to draw," Malone says. "However, it was the wrong one." Intel is now betting on the wearable device movement like that wearable drone even though it might flop. And according to research sponsored by Intel, customers are not sold. But, Malone says, Intel has to show the world that the company's in the game: "They're not stodgy old Intel. They're making connections with a lot of interesting folks that are doing interesting things." This Is Not The PC Era Off stage,Used Oakley Sunglasses For Sale, CEO Krzanich talks about the new kinds of companies he's working with in this wearable era. Take the fashion industry: "They're used to changing product right up until the last moment, as fashion and what's desirable shifts. And that's something we've had to adapt to." Brands like Oakley sunglasses and Fossil watches are really different from the old PC makers and from each other. And, Krzanich admits,Oakley Outlet Lancaster Pa, he's not into the scene per se. "I can't say I went to any of the parties," he says about his time at New York Fashion Week. "An engineer at fashion week. It's not the exciting thing. It's not like a tech show." Intel has a real technology challenge: to figure out a buttonsized superchip that'll serve the needs of many new, fragmented partners. Krzanich unveiled a prototype called Curie,Oakley Lenses Uk, which does not yet have a price. Intel's got to get the price right. Back in the PC era, it sold chips for as much as $1,000 and had nice margins. But when I roam this convention floor and ask devicemakers what they'd pay for a quality chip, I get singledigit answers: mostly $1 or $2. Intel's chips which are more than good might be overkill. And so, as CEO Krzanich walks passed poker tables to lead Intel demos, he is making a gamble. 相关的主题文章: