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  • entirely to blame for child sexualisation Children, the media, and sex. When the three are put together, as they so often are, tensions rise. The impact of exposing children to sexualised media, and the sexualisation of children in the media, are issues that have been brought up over and over again. Last night, JLo performance on Britain Got Talent became the latest in a long line of sexy performances broadcast on family television programs. It was covered by unimpressed media columnists, as such performances usually are. people start tuttutting like stern Victorian schoolma'ams about a lost golden age of childhood innocence, they ought to read a little history. In Victorian England the age of consent was 12. London was awash with childhood slavery and prostitution. Australian cities and towns were teeming with runaways and neglected children. a convincing argument, and a refreshing change from the fear mongering usually seen in commentaries about the issue. Fine commentary is a single opinion, in a sea of conclusions that the media is sexualising children. But,Cheap Oakley Reading Glasses, it one that at least deserves consideration. A report by the Australian Law Reform Commission concludes that classification of media must the right balance between protecting children from inappropriate material and ensuring that they have access to comprehensive, age appropriate information about sexuality. I agree that the images of model, Thylane LenaRose Blondeau, who was 10 years old when the pictures were taken, are wildly inappropriate, and I don think JLo Britain Got Talent performance was suitable for children. But we taken things too far. We have become caught up in the idea that we live in a depraved world, where the media forces children to grow up too soon, and that simply not true. The media play a role in ensuring oversexualisation doesn occur, but so do parents. If you think a program is inappropriate for your child to watch on televison, turn it off, and if you don want your fiveyearold wearing heels,Oakley Buy, don buy them. child sexualisation, child sexualisation in the media, children and the media, clancy holzgrefe, media,Oakley Sunglasses Lenses, Media ethics, sexualisation Posted under: Media ethics,Oakley Outlet West Palm Beach, Uncategorized Dated: May 31 2013 I agree a large part of this issue is the parenting failures of those who cannot allow children to be just that, children. Rather than looking at those who complain about oversexualised advertisements in magazines and on television, have a look at the parents who are letting their kids be part of these platforms. I understand modelling is a competitive business and you have to start out young, but having 10yearolds wear bikinis,Oakley Romeo, false eyelashes and fake tan doesn seem an appropriate. As much as you can say your kid enjoys the process, they don really understand what happening at that time of their life. 相关的主题文章: