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  • South Wales live in their car with pets since bank repossessed home Homeless family have been living in their car with cats,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Online Store, dog and a cockatiel for three months since bank repossessed their house Deborah Talbot says her family have been forced to live in her partner's carShe lives in the car with her partner Glyn, daughter Rachel and their petsSay they have nowhere else to go after their home was repossessedThey park up at quiet spots at night so they can try to get some sleepAre unable to cook proper meals and use a local leisure centre for washingHave approached private landlords but say they have no money for a bondBy A homeless family say they have been forced to live in their car with their pet dog, cats and cockatiel for three months after their home was repossessed. Deborah Talbot, 41,Oakley Discount Portsmouth, has been living in the disabled people carrier with her taxi driver partner Glyn Jones,Oakley Outlet Florida, 60, their 23yearold daughter Rachel and their four pets since July because they say they have nowhere else to go. Their home in Newport, south Wales was repossesed by the bank after Ms Talbot lost her fulltime job working in a supermarket. Scroll down for video Deborah Talbot, with her partner Glyn and their daughter Rachel along with their two cats Cassey and Macey,Design Oakley Sunglasses, their dog Fred and cockatiel Samuel. The family and their pets have been living in their car for three months Each night the family cram into the car, which taxi driver Mr Jones uses for work since their home was repossessed after Ms Talbot lost her fulltime job in a supermarket 'We has nowhere to go at the time, which meant we ended up in there.' At night,Ebay Oakley Sunglasses, the family all squeeze into the car loaned to them by the taxi firm Mr Jones works for along with their cats Cassy and Macey, a bird called Samuel and a dog called Fred. They also have to rely on takeaways and readytoeat food as they have no access to a kitchen. Ms Talbot explained that at night the cats go in the back of the car in a basket, while the cockatiel stays in a cage and the family use sleeping bags. The family say that they park up at random places where they can get some quiet but are worried about how to keep warm as the cold weather sets in They have been using the facilities at Newport Centre for washing and have been keeping their bedding in the lockers there. While Mr Jones is working driving his taxi during the day, Ms Talbot says she and her daughter walk around the city waiting for him to finish. Meanwhile friends have helped out taking in the pets during the day, but the family say they come back to them overnight. Ms Talbot added: 'The chairs can't go down far because we need to make to to ensure we can all get in their to lie down properly. 'It has been quite uncomfortable. We park up at random places where we can get some quiet. 'It has been very cold.' The family say that they have approached private landlords to try to find accommodation but they are unable to scrape together the money for a bond We've approached private landlords but we have had no joy it's all about finding a bond. We haven't got the cash coming in to do that as well. 'I have bid on properties from Newport City Homes (a local registered social landlord) but nothing has come of it.' However, the family are hopeful they will get alternative accommodation soon after arranging a viewing on a property. A Newport council spokeswoman said: 'Ms Talbot applied under the homeless provisions in July after her home was repossessed. Her application was assessed correctly and a decision letter was issued on 17 July that accepted she was homeless but not in priority need. There is a right of appeal but this was not requested. 'Advice has been provided to Ms Talbot on numerous occasions including about housing benefit and options for alternative accommodation. We will continue to offer her advice and support as she seeks rehousing. 相关的主题文章:


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