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Oakley Sunglasses Wholesale Reebok besmirching Sha

  • Reebok besmirching Shawn Kemp unforgettable shoes Reebok is re discharging the Reebok Kamikaze II's. The the game of ball shoes were Sonics great Shawn Kemp's signature shoe. He wore them this 1995 96 season when Seattle went to the NBA finals. Reebok is also re releasing the shoe in area scheme of the OKC Thunder. Can Reebok avoid with such blasphemy? I can't imagine anyone in OKC that might want to buy it. Unless they would want to rub it into Sonics fans' face they have our old Sonics team. It becomes like Nike re releasing Chris Webber's old Nike Air Max Uptempo in the Green Gold(Should the Kings move to Seattle). I doubt any Sonics fan would have to buy 'em. It just makes you wonder who are the business"Prodigies" Who come up with the idea to promote a product that would hit a nerve to particular clientele. Seeing the new/old Kemp shoes makes me need it a pair of the Green Gold. But that memory of meeting Kemp flying in for a dunk loses some luster,Oakley Eye Outlet, Realize Reebok is re releasing the shoe in colors fashioned by"Bubba" Bennett's pub in OKC. 相关的主题文章: