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5 Unforgivable Sins Of Beautiful Nude Mature Women

  • Thanks to everyone that read the first one and enjoyed it and left comments, you guys are awesome.
    In the days after our first encounter, Grace would constantly tease me sending me cute selfies and sexy messages and at first I was a bit conflicted about it being my normal neurotic self, but that got over pretty quickly with what she'd send me and I'd constantly think about her body and when I would get to have it again. I didn't have to wait very long.
    She came over to my house one afternoon and this time she was dressed casually in a tight t-shirt, yoga pants and she had her hair in a high ponytail and my god she looked amazing even when she didn't dress 'sexy.'
    She complained about the heat and went into my kitchen to grab a glass of water but I wasn't really interested in hearing about the heat I walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips, and started kissing her neck softly as she practically melted into me. I took the glass from her and set it down on the counter before she dropped it and start kissing and nibbling on her neck and her earlobe as she let out a breathy moan.
    "Fuck. You can do whatever you want to me." She whispered to me as I ran my hands up and over her breasts, squeezing them as she grinded her ass into the hard dick under my jeans, causing me to grunt under my breath. She turned her head to kiss me with those soft lips of hers, our tongues battling each other to see who's going to be in control.
    My hand wanders down to the front of her yoga pants and I start to rub her and I an already feel her getting wet as she squirms, grinding her ass still into my dick, letting out little moans and I could tell she was ready for this as soon as she walked in the door based on how wet she was getting.
    It didn't take very long for me to get impatient with this, and I lead her to my bedroom again, but this time I had something I needed to find out. She had long since thrown her shirt somewheres and we were still making out. Her hands undoing my belt and jeans, but I stopped her and put her on all fours on my bed as she smirked, teasing me by pushing her ass out and wiggling it from side to side, knowing it'd drive me crazy.
    I took my shirt off and bent down, kissing her back and down to the top of her yoga pants as I peeled them down along with her pink lacy panties. She had those dimples above her ass that I love so much and I kissed my way down to her wet pussy. I had to find out if this girl tasted as good as she fucked.
    I took one long lick, making my tongue as wide and flat as I could, over her pussy as she let out a shudder and then I went to town. She tasted fucking amazing, I kissed and licked her pussy like it was the last thing to eat on Earth, sliding my tongue over every inch of her beautiful pussy lips as she looked back at me with that lustful look on her face, biting her bottom lip.
    I knew what my next move had to be if this was driving her wild, so I spread her smooth little ass cheeks and started licking her asshole as a look of shock came over her face and she half-moaned "Nobody's …. ever done that .. beforeeee."
    "Do you want me stop?" I chuckled.
    "Don't you fucking dare." And I started in on her again as she buried her face in my pillow and I went back to eating her ass, my fingers working on her clit as she groaned, her pussy mature older women glistening with wetness. I couldn't get enough of her, she tasted so good and I wanted her so bad and it seemed like she could tell.
    "You better hurry up and fuck me." I heard her whisper with her head still down in the sheets so I had to oblige, taking my pants and finally freeing my cock and I wasted no time sliding it inside of her tight pussy from behind, as we both let out a satisfied moan. Now that I was finally inside of her she started to go to work, pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts but I slowed her down, really letting her feel the inches sliding in and out of her pussy, feeling her grip my cock as I fucked her slow, torturing her as she just looked back at me.
    "Want me to go faster?"
    "Yessssss .."
    "Tell me how bad you want it."
    "Fuckkkkk … Please Jake, fuck me harder. I want it so bad."
    I loved being in control of her, and I start fucking mature female nudes her harder as she lout out a loud moan, and I gave her ass a slap, leaving a red mark on her creamy white skin. We were fucking hard now, the only sounds in the room being my flesh slamming against hers. I felt myself getting closer and closer as I grabbed her ponytail and pulled on it, which only made her go harder.
    Grace moaned that she was close, and I could feel it coming and as I played with her clit she let out a groan and came hard, still bucking against me as she look back with the most innocent look on her face ..
    "Cum for me, please baby .."
    That was it for me as I let go and came inside Grace, a huge load that I had all over 30 free been saving up for her as I grunted and it washed over me as we both collapsed. She gave me a deep kiss and we cuddled again in my bed as I thanked whatever greater power put me in this position in life.
    Again, We still hang out and do lots of cool stuff, haha. She's a great girl thanks for reading and mature women photos again, any tips?