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  • The date went well, not exceptionally well, but well enough that we are in my bedroom, her lying on her back on my bed, me on my side with my head propped up on my fist. We're making small talk, she's giggling at every other thing I say. We both know what this is, we both know what's going to happen, why we're here, just waiting for that first move. More importantly, I should say, I know what this is and what's going to happen. This is what she wants, and why not? I'm older, dark full head of hair, a rugged bit of scruff highlights my square jaw line and underlines my deep dark eyes. She runs her arm along my muscular arm solidifying in her mind that this is a good idea. Again, reminding me what this is and who I am to her. I'm the older hot guy, that's it. I don't have an amazing job, or much on my resume, but I'm fit, young (25) and have this girl by at least 6 years. To her, I'm older, attractive and she hopes will be fun for a while before looking to settle. I know this, and I'm sexy middle aged women going to provide for her a night like no other. After another giggle she looks down at where our hands are now entwined. I release her grip and bring my now free hand to her chin and lift it. I look deep into her ocean blue eyes and hold for a full second and I know she can see the want in my eyes. Not a desperate want, more the want of anticipation of a lovely meal you see coming, you know you're going to get it but you desire it strongly still. I hold the gaze for a full second before leaning in while lifting her chin to my face. We kiss, tender, beautiful and hold…then release. We lean our foreheads together, our eyes still closed, she takes a breath as I move my hand along her chin to the back of her head and gently push her head back to mine. We kiss deeper this time, our tongues fencing and feeling as we explore each others mouths. Our passion builds from a babbling brook to a roaring ocean. I'm on top of her now, I feel beautifully slender body beneath me, I make sure she feels the weight and power of my frame. I break from the raging tide that is our kiss and lock my mouth on her neck, brief wet suctions make their way down her body to her cleavage and back up for another round with her mouth. The next time I make nude adult women my way down I slid her bra, a sexy red silk number, along with her dress down to expose a perky pink nipple. I wrap my mouth around it and flick it with my tongue and suck ever so slightly as I pull away. I blow on the now moist skin bringing the nipple to full attention, I dive in again, this time coming up with my teeth softly grazing the sensitive skin, she lets out a gasp and I milfs over 40 know she feels it, just perfect. I slide my head to the other side and give the left nipple the same treatment as my right hand keeps the sensation going on her right. We pause briefly as I lift her deep red summer dress off, making sure my hands graze her tight backside as I do, we do away with the bra as well. I pick up where I left off at her chest and begin to kiss my way down her tight stomach to make my way between her wonderfully curved hips. I feel her muscles begin to tighten up, oh younger girls: so nervous about everything "down there." I kiss my way towards her clit and just before reaching it, I miss to the left and kiss beside her second lips and make my way up her left leg, I come back again and again make a pass over to the right side, up and down a leg again, her anticipation building, probably her nerves as well as she still hasn't fully relaxed. I finally go for her moist middle and start by widening my tongue and getting a full taste from the opening at the base all the way to the clit at the top where I finish by giving it a little flick. I then whisper to her "You taste wonderful," this relaxes her, I feel her whole body relax, her legs going limp, opening wider for me to play, now she is ready. I give her a dozen more slow wide dog licks, from bottom to top, slowly savoring every millimeter of her soft pink center, like a connoisseur with a particularly fine wine. I now wrap my lips are her hardened clit and suck it into my mouth, I flick it a few times with my tongue to let it know what it's in for, I then slide my tongue down it and bury my tongue as deep inside her as possible, she gasps again as I wiggle it around a little, a tease, I know the real goal is just above. I go back to it, beginning with slow sucking in of the clit while massaging it with my tongue, these building tempo and are broken up occasionally with side to side flicks and simple up down ones. I lose myself in her, building tempo for everything as I go grabbing her ass with both hands at times to bury my face deeper in her. It builds and builds, I'm lost in it, what started out a moistness on my lips was now dripping down my chin and leaving me wet up to my nose. I'm broken out of my trance when I feel her hand grip the back of my head to shove my face into her, she's now grinding her hips into my face, I can feel her legs shaking, almost there. I'm doing my best to tongue her most sensitive part as she shoves and grinds and finally with a light grunt (so hot) and gasp and a final hold, her legs now wrapped around my head holding me into, I feel a flood of juice on my face and her relax a little, her first orgasm tonight. She grabs the back of my shirt and hungrily, breathlessly let's out with, "off…now…please" My clothes are off in a second, I see the need in her eyes now as I pause over top of her. Her legs spread, her tight body as lightly wet from sweat and a burning need in her eyes. I slide in easily, still wet from a moment earlier. I bury my face into hers again, let her feel my body on top of her, I feel her nipple and perky breasts against my chest. My right hand reaches behind her back and my left hand grasps her hand as I begin to thrust. Her legs wrap around me as I thrust faster, turning the intimate into the need. I'm building again, it won't be long, nothing turns me on more than seeing a girl get off on my tongue. I don't know if I can hold on to give her a second. I can feel it building inside me now, as I thrust in and out of her warm wetness. My right hand reaches down to feel the juices on my cock as it thrusts in and out, then grabs her tight ass. The intimate love making becoming passionate sex. I'm close and I here her adorable little grunt again. I look at her face, eyes closed, tightening body, she's close again. Harder, faster thrusts dive into her. She's closer, but I'm closer. The most wonderful feeling well up, hitting the tip of my penis, I hold for all I am all over thirty for another precious few seconds then I explode. As I do I feel her vaginal muscles tighten and release, tighten and release. She was coming again. We both relax, I on top of her still as for the next few seconds we are slaves to the pleasure roiling in our privates.